Nellore also known as Vikrama Simhapuri and is on the banks of Penna River in the Southern Part of Andhra Pradesh. It has a coastal length of 163 Kms and is 175 Kms from Chennai.


Satish Dhawan Space Research Centre (SHAR) near Sullurpet has the worldwide significance of Scientific importance. Nelapattu is a beautiful Bird sanctuary where Pelicans, Flamingo, Strocks and other 20 variety of birds comes from other countries and stays from October to February, March every year.


Beaches like Mypadu, Kothakoduru and dams like Somasila and Kandaleru are beautiful holiday locations. Sri Ranganayukula Swamy temple at Nellore, Sri Narasimha Swamy at Penchalakona, Kamakshi Temple at Jonnawada, Narasimha Swamy temple at Narasimhakonda, Kasumuru, A.S.Peta Dargah and Venkaiah Swamy temple at Golagamudi are of religious importance. Udayagiri Fort and Bhairavakona are historical places of importance.


Post Bi-furcating of Andhra Pradesh, Nellore is in lime light because of ports development, proposed coastal corridor near Tada. Nellore is one of the 30 cities in the country selected by Indian Government to be developed as a Smart City.


We have completed 11 ventures in Nellore and 2 ventures are in progress.


  • 2003 Rama Chandra Nagar
  • 2003 Sumadhatri Nagar
  • 3004 Sudharshan Nagar
  • 2005 Sahaja Enclave
  • 2006 Sulochana Gardens
  • 2007 Sundara Nagar
  • 2008 Sumithra Nagar
  • 2009 MGB Mega City
  • 2009 Sowbhagya Nagar
  • 2009 Sumukha Nagar
  • 2010 MGB Royal City
  • 2011 MGB Grand City
  • 2013 MGB Nivas
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