A workplace that focuses on your potential

MGB Real Estate believes that you choose a workplace driven not so much by your need for a job, but more by a passion to realize your fullest potential as a human resource. Our focus therefore is on identifying and nurturing your full potential to ensure that your efforts make a meaningful contribution to our business. Opportunities are plentiful to help you learn and grow, because, at MGB Real Estate, people are our priority and we believe it is solely their inputs that lead to winning results. In an environment of this nature, before long, you start to take responsibility for all your actions and value the principle of accountability. But most important of all, you find that you become an integral part of a family that supports and inspires you to grow and thrive.

A workplace that empowers you with the right tools

Achieving success in a workplace is largely dependent on tools that a company provides you. The tools that you will work with at MGB Real Estate will lead you steadily and surely toward success because they are designed to help you render positive service to your customers with complete confidence. And it goes without saying that such noteworthy performance can only be rewarded with great pay, benefits, and performance-based incentives that will enthuse you to aim for even greater heights as doors open up for you to move into new roles within the Group.

Opportunities for performance-oriented, passionate and dedicated people

MGB Real Estate is always on the lookout for the right “people-function” fit. The primary requisite for this is people who are performance-oriented, passionate and dedicated. If the description above strikes a chord within you that says, “Yes, my profile is in synch with this company’s expectations,” we invite you to go ahead and mail your details to