The MGB Assurance is an amalgam of the intrinsic qualities of Reliability, Durability, Global Edge, Value for Money, and On Time Delivery. They are the driving force behind our endeavor to provide customers the absolute peace of mind they rightfully deserve, while going through the many steps involved in deciding on their home of choice. Most importantly, the MGB Assurance stands firmly with customers from the minute they decide to own an MGB Real Estate offering. It sees them through every interaction and transaction involving their valuable acquisition.


The element of reliability stems from our nine decade history and the values and principles inherited from our founding fathers. It is this inherent integrity which leads all our activities that has helped us deliver 70 projects covering a total area of 900+ acres, comprising 10000+ plots till 2020. Constructed space totals a staggering 1 million square feet. All our projects are defined by uncompromising business ethics, benchmark quality, customer centric approach, and transparency in all spheres of business conduct. Together they are a standing testimony to our reliability.


All of us buy property with the belief that it will last through generations, making the element of durability a prime consideration. And ensuring durability involves a gamut of activities. Starting with a supply chain management that matches MGB’s superior standards of ethics and integrity in its operations (vendor transactions are characterized by a high level of trust, transparency and assurance), the process includes extensive and diverse quality assurance and checking mechanisms. The underlying approach takes into account technological innovation for an ideal living experience, supported by thoughtful amenities, and uncompromising standards of safety, security, and sustainability.



Various factors combine to lend our projects a global edge. Their contemporary nature is a unique aspect, which is the handiwork of highly experienced architects with matchless insights and global exposure. Their skills ensure that our projects are well ahead of their time and in tune with prevailing trends, where people live, work and play smart. In a rapidly urbanizing world, the solutions we provide are not just intelligent but sustainable as well. Sustainability being an integral part of our DNA keeps our focus firmly on people and protection of our planet, and helps us set new benchmarks in delivering environment friendly projects. All these factors unify to serve as a compass that gives our projects a global edge.



Given MGB’s “no-compromise” approach, the element of value for money is inbuilt into each of its projects. A careful  consideration of each stage of a project will give you a holistic understanding of the value for money element—be it the project’s location with reference to future price appreciation, or technological innovations that make for inspired living. Thus, from a cumulative point of view, the value for money element of the MGB Assurance stands to the evident benefit of every stakeholder.



Of all the concerns that a customer has, uppermost in his/her mind is one question: will the builder deliver on time? The answer to this question can be found in the transparent way in which we deal with our customers. All our projects are immaculately planned from start to finish ensuring they are always delivered on time, and customers can reassure themselves by tracking the progress of their projects at each stage. Our unique method of project execution ensures that our delivery commitment to customers is never compromised, a manifestation of one of the two cornerstones of MGB Real Estate, integrity.